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Phyto2 is the high quality phytoplankton supplement for the marine aquarium. Featuring multiple species and cell sizes Phyto2 provides the highest nutrient value in a live planktonic food for clams, corals and invertebrates.
Two species of Phytoplankton to creat a complete nutritional profile.
Available as Nanno/Iso packs
High in both DHA and EPA
Bottled seperately to prevent the build up of toxins from
interspecies warfare.

Phyto2 Phytoplankton is a pure species of plankton suspended in purified sterile seawater.

In order appreciate what this means we must first understand how Phytoplankton competes in the ocean. When Phytoplankton encounters other species of Phytoplankton, it reacts by releasing poisons to kill the other species which in turn kills itself. When you concentrate and combine different species of Phytoplankton in a closed container it competes and at some point poisons the bottle, not only limiting shelf life but reducing nutritional value.

Why not freeze dried, spray dried, or frozen Phytoplankton?
Freeze dried and other preserved products are basically dead Phytoplankton. This means if they are not ingested immediately after feeding them to the aquarium they will rot away liberating organic like phosphate and nitrogen, essentially polluting your tank. Live Phytoplankton stays alive until eaten and actually cleans your water through Photosynthesis.

Benefits of LIVE Phytoplankton include:
No worries about dead product decomposing in the tank.
Uneaten product actually works to CLEAN aquarium water.
Closely matches what animals would eat in the ocean.
Great for keeping fry tanks clean and co-cultured food enriched.

Why Choose Phyto2? Who Manufactures It?
Phyto2 Phytoplankton is produced by marine biology professionals specifically for the home aquarium. We have taken into consideration the needs of the average home aquarist and produced a product that will provide the longest shelf life at the highest nutritional value for the most reasonable price. Keeping this in mind we are constantly refining our processes to create better and more convenient products. It is our goal to bring you the best quality live planktonic foods at the best prices so you can enjoy your hobby.Other Phytoplankton producers would like to intimidate the laymen with vague threats of unexplainable tank crashes and unexplained terms like cleaning or washing.

Phyto2 is cultured in Sterile nutrient rich seawater. It is grown out to the point where it is at its highest nutritional value and the seawater contains the least amount of nutrients. As such our harvest is already a "clean" Phytoplankton. Next the product is allowed to settle and as much culture water is removed as possible and replaced with Sterile seawater. This eliminates the probability that fertilized culture water can foul your aquarium.

What Is Phytoplankton & what does it mean to your aquarium?
Phytoplankton is a free-floating, microscopic plankton that exists naturally in the oceans, lakes, and rivers of the world. Phytoplankton, which are the bottom of the food chain, make up the primary food source for marine corals, claims, and filter feeding invertabrates

What does this mean to you?
In a closed system, such as a home aquarium, food sources are limited to what is added to the tank. Considering the needs of the various life kept in the system, a regular source of food must be added to mimic the constant availability of food in the ocean.

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