MH 400W True 10K Bulb - Hamilton
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Crisp Ice White appearance, full spectrum - the combination of different wavelengths produce different colors in the spectrum and appear to the naked eye as crisp ice white light. The most popular 10,000K metal halide bulb on the market for reef tanks and the most ice white in color. Will provide the water with an appealing shimmer effect. Very good for coral growth. Significantly brighter than U.S. made 10000K bulbs. Use alone or add Actinics for a bluer effect. This bulb has a heavy concentration wavelength spike in the 420 and 460nm (nanometer) range with additional concentration spikes in the 380nm, 550nm and 580nm wavelengths. Simulates natural daylight as in the ocean at depths up to 13 feet. Longer life - TRUE-10000K Metal Halide has an exceptionally high rated life. Very High Color Rendering Index of 95 CRI.
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