LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit
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LaMotte individual water test kits come supplied with pre-calibrated test tubes and labware to give fast, accurate results. Reagents, labware, and step-by-step instructions are furnished in compact carrying cases. Economical Reagent Refill Packages are available for all kits listed. To convert from ppm to dkh, use this formula.

1 meq/l = 2.8 dKH = 50 ppm CaCO3
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Alkalinity* 4491-DR/td> Fresh or Salt Direct Reading Titrator for Total (T) Alkalinity 0-200 ppm as CaCO3 in 4.0 ppm increments 50 2 N (1)

Various Test Methods - each individual test will vary on type of test method. We are proving information below to give you more overall knowledge of all of there testing methods.

Titrimetric Testing Method


Direct Reading Titrators are 1.0mL microburets calibrated for direct readout in concentration; no counting of drops or calculations.

Octa-Slide Comparator


Octa-Slide Comparators -

Feature an all plastic comparator system within a bar which slides through a special viewer. Provides a one-on-one color matching system.

Axial Reader

Axial Readers -

intensify faint color reactions, designed for use with Axial Reading Octet Comparators.

Electronic Colorimeters -

Help eliminate visual inconsistencies. A light source passes through a sample and is measured by a photodetector. Results are translated to a digital readout in ppm.

Electronic Colorimeter
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