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KENT MARINE ORGANIC ADSORPTION RESIN removes organic pollutants, stain, and entrained toxic gases, without removing trace elements. Contains anion (+) resin beads to target organic pollutants and greatly reduces or eliminates the need for carbon use.

Directions 8 fl oz should efficiently treat 120 gallons of water. More can be used for greater effectiveness. Place resin in a fine mesh bag and position in a location where water will flow through the material. White beads turn brown or yellow indicting exhaustion. With regeneration, resins should last about 2 years.

Directions for Regeneration
Create a brine solution by mixing table salt with freshwater. Do this by continuously mixing salt with water until salt no longer dissolves in the solution. Submerge fine mesh bag with resin in brine solution. Wearing rubber gloves, thoroughly work beads in brine solution by hand. Rinse with fresh water. Repeat as necessary, using fresh brine until resin looks clean. Depending on pollutants adsorbed, original color may not return, but this will not affect resin usefulness. Rinse several more times in fresh water. For use with freshwater aquariums, soak in reverse osmosis or distilled water to ensure all salt is removed.

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