Hydor Koralia 425 Reef Controller Kit (2 pumps + Smart Wave)
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Koralia Reef kits now available! Ready to go and setup in your tank with 2 Evolution Pumps and SmartWave Controller. Please see product title for specific pump models included.

Koralia Nano is a high flow circulation pump ideal for small and nano reef aquariums. Low power consumption and a small footprint! Energy Saving: 50% less power consumption
Higher efficiency up to 20% more water flow then previous models New Smaller Design Exclusive patented magnet-suction cup mounting support Unique Impeller Design, wide and gentle flow
Product Wavemaker Compatible Flow/Power
Koralia Nano 240 YES 240 gph 3.5W
Koralia Nano 425 YES 425 gph 3.5W


The Smart Wave helps recreate the natural currents that promote a healthy aquarium by controlling 1 or more pumps, on two separate channels with a wattage limit of 100 watts each. This means you can control up to 16 Koralia Evolution 1400s on each channel.

Smart Wave installation is a breeze with a convenient built in mounting eyelet and water resistant body allowing you to hang the Smart Wave anywhere you can put a nail.
The Smart Wave is also easy to use with 3 different movement programs set with the turn of a dial; Alternating, Synchronized and Feed. The interval length is easily set with just the turn of a knob around a clearly marked time scale. LED indicators quickly tell you what is on and what is off.
The Smart Wave works with Koralia Nano, Evolution and Magnum as well as other powerheads on the market compatible with ON/OFF programs.

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