G3 90W Smart LED Aquarium Light
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Note: Controller Sold Seperately

Advantages and Special characteristics of CTL G3 Smart LED Grow Light
Combination of 40W Matrix super power and high power LEDs:
Combination of 40W Matrix super power LED and 3W high power LEDs to have much stronger light penetration and coverage.

Combination of 3 independent channels:
3 channels design, each channel for GROWING, VEGETATION and FLOWERING independently.

Programmable auto-dimmed control:
Each channel can be separately and smartly auto-dimmed by the programmable controller(sold seperately).

Energy saving:
Power consumption will be quite less with programmable controller and automatically brightness control.

All-day climate light cycling:
Easy to make the all-day climate light cycling sunset/sunrise/cloudy/sunny and moon light which let the plant enjoy the natural sun light.

Special Lens:
Special lens designed by professional optical company to bring higher light penetration and better light coverage.

NIDEC fans made in Japan are equipped in this new system, which work with low noise and have longer lifespan than other normal fans.

Serial control for multi lamps:
Multi lamps can be inter-connected and easily controlled by one external controller(sold seperately);
It is useful function for plant breeders even when they grow plants in different rooms.

Aluminum housing:
All materials including housing case are made of high quality anodic alumina oxide, they will never be corroded in the tuff humidity environment. Aluminum material is lighter than normal iron housing case but get much faster heat dissipation.

Advanced heat dissipation design
Inner and outer aluminum heat sinks are designed for fast heat dissipation, the temperature of LED junction is less than 80°, much lower than normal design.

Elegant shape:
All the products’ surface is made of brushed anodic alumina oxide, which has elegant appearance.

Modularization design:
Modularization design and easy to maintain.
Each module is 85W, the lamps wattage is ranged from 85W (1 module), 170W (2 modules), 255W (3 modules), 340W (4 modules) to 510W (6 modules).

Dimensions: 220x220x70mm

Item Parameter Item Parameter
AC Voltage 86-265VAC Temp Arise LED-air <40 Deg. C
Power Consumption 85W+/-5% Temp Arise Heat sink-air <20 Deg. C
Efficiency >85% Lifespane >5 years
Standby Consumption <2.5W Working Temp <35 Deg. C
Power Factor >92% Working Humidity >85%
Harmonic Wave <10% Warranty 3 Years
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