Friscer Zipper Filter Media Bag - Fine <400micron (15x22cm/6"x8.8")
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Friscer Zipper Filter Media Bag

Multipurpose zipper filter media bag - Heavy duty double stitched

Friscer's multipurpose zipper filter media bag is designed for holding aquarium filter media such as activated carbon, zeolite, bio-ring, lava rock, gravel, sulfur bead, resin pellets, sponge, and other commonly used filter media to be used in main tanks, sump, canister filters, quarantine tanks, and all filter chambers. It is fabricated with high strength elastomer coated nano fibers in special zigzag interweave and is made with high quality resealable zip closure and double stitched seam for exceptional high performance and durability that lasts many times longer than ordinary filter bags. The fine mesh is capable of retaining large amount of loose grit media while allowing ample amount of water flow and micro permeability for effective removal of all types of undesired micro pollutants, dissolved colorants, and harmful impurities in modern water filtration systems.

-Made with high strength elastomer coated nano fibers fabricated in special zigzag interweave.
-Smart design and high quality zip closure for confinement of small, medium, and large media.
-Durable and long lasting double stitched seam.
-Safe and Inert for all freshwater and seawater filtration systems: inverts, plants, coral, and fish.

-This product is intended only for aquarium or professional water filtration purpose.
-Examine and clean filter bag in regular basis especially in highly polluted applications.
-Filter bag may be washed with diluted household bleach. Dry filter bag when not in use.

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