Finnex 54W x 2 T5 HO + 4 LED moon light fixture
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Save big money on a 48" 2 lamp T5 HO fixture. BULBS SOLD SEPARATE.

The Finnex ML Series utilizes two HO T5 bulbs(not included) to satisfy your coral or planted aquarium needs. Included are removable and adjustable legs that rest on nearly all standard aquariums and an acrylic lens to protect bulb against water splash and salt creep. The quality built aluminum hood protects against heavy trauma and gives the aquarium a more upscale ended look.

T5 aquarium lights have become quite popular, just as the LED crave has been recently. When running with an electronic ballast, which all of our T5 HO lights use, T5s are more energy efficient, longer lasting and cooler running than other types of aquarium lights in comparison. Because our lamps made thin, they penetrate the water much better than thicker compact fluorescent and other fluorescent types of bulbs. T5s are a great choice for tanks that are 20 inches and deeper. where that extra light is needed to reach corals below. Double bulb T5 ML fixtures are controlled by one power control switch. When T5 bulbs are turned off, the ML-T fixtures include 1/4 Watt moonlight LED bulbs to give your aquarium a blue spotlighting moon effect during night. Splash guard and legs are included.

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