Elos System Mini Standard, 17x17x16
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The Elos Aquarium.
The MINI comes standard with the Elos, "Crystal Clear" front pane and "Clear" side and back panes (All "Crystal Clear" construction is available as a custom option.). The new Elos overflow for the MINI is even smaller and the Elos Seam guards have been added to ensure both a safe and beautiful aquarium.

The Elos Aquarium Cabinet.
The Elos Square for the MINI has been improved using more water resistant inner material and outer laminate (custom RAL lacquers are available as an option). New hinges, fasteners and standard color selection have also been added for the 2012 Elos MINI. The cabinet itself is a matte white with a different door color option. Please choose your door color preference in the drop drown menu above.

The Elos Filtration.
The Elos SUMP 100 is included in all Elos MINI systems. The SUMP is the heart of the MINI system and for 2012 the MINI adds the new PS200 protein skimmer. The PS200 is the first needle wheel skimmer we have made for this size aquarium and will make for an even more powerful filter than in previous MINI systems. The SUMP100 makes it easy to organize all major functions of the aquarium system, neatly keeping the clutter away from the MINI display aquarium. With the addition of the optional new Elos Osmocontroller Digital, automated water replenishment is easy and takes advantage of the built in top off reservoir of the SUMP 100.

The Elos Lighting.
Elos AquaTop
Elos E-lite XP and XP Color (optional) The 2012 Elos MINI is available with or without lighting. Like the Elos MINI did for the nano aquarium, the E-lite redefined the form and function of a nano aquarium light system. The E-lite XP is milled out of a solid block of aluminum, uses 18 CREE XP LEDs (12- cool white, 6- royal blue. The XP Color adds 3- red) and includes a stainless bracket for easy installation (an optional adjustable wire hanging kit is also available). The Elos E-Vision Tempo and E-Vision touch screen control center can control the E-lite XP and XP Color (optional)

Dimensions: 16.9 x 15.8 x 16.9"
Volume: 20gallons
Sump Size: Sump 100
Sump Media Chambers: 2
Sump Top Off Resevoir: Built into sump
Sump Top Off converts into Refuge: Yes
Digital Osmocontroller: Optional
Elos Seam Guards: Yes
Elos Multi-Pane Bottom: No
Return Pump: Eheim Compact 1000
Cabinet Dimensions: 16.9 x 16.9 x 34.5
Warranty: 2 year non transferable on Elos branded parts against manufacturing defects. Non-Elos parts carry manufacturer warranty.

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