EKIP 200 Thermopump UL 50W 90 GPH - pump/heater
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Heating element,
centrifugal pump and air diffuser.
Ekip can be used as a power head for undergravel filters.
Centrifugal pump in a biological internal filter.
Connection with a flexible pipe is possible in order to create small waterfalls.
Perfect running whether in vertical or horizontal position.
No danger of damage if the equipment is left running outside the aquarium for a short period of time. By using the new PTC system, the EKIP will switch itself off, before overheating.
Patented heating element made with the exclusive PTC system. The traditional metal resistor coils have been replaced with a special polymer sheet, silk-screened with heating ink.
The self-ventilation system
allows a constant cooling of the motor unit. Self-cleaning rotor assembly reduces maintenance and aids in providing a steady, constant water flow.
The temperature probe placed in the inlet tube, ensures accurate temperature control.
The equipment has one electric cable and one plug.
Setting of temperature 
controlled by an electronic circuit with indicator light.
Adjustable aeration device.
Adjustable flow outlet.
Adjustable flow control.
max. flowrate (l/h) 350 (90 gph) 480 (125 gph)
power (W) 57 107
heating power (W) 50 100
for aquariums of litres

(5-16 gal)

(16-32 gal)


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