Ecoxotic Panorama Tank Mount 24"
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Whether your feeding your fish, target feeding your corals, scrubbing algae from your aquarium glass, or just doing some monthly maintenance, getting access to your aquarium can sometimes be a drag. Many of the aquarium light fixtures on the market are heavy, bulky in size, run hot temperature-wise, and need to be removed completely from the aquarium when getting your hands wet.

When we designed the new Panorama Pro LED fixture, we really wanted to provide a simple mounting option which gives hobbyists easy access to their aquarium. With the new fixture being lightweight and much slimmer profile, our new tank mount system became reality. Similar to our patented wall and stand mount kits, it allows the LED fixture to effortlessly hinge open to a vertical position and stay open for easy (and safe) access to your aquarium. Its designed to work on framed tanks (with a lip up to 1″ thick) or rimless aquariums and extremely easy to install.

Here are a few features, facts & specifications for the tank mount kits:
They are designed exclusively for our Panorama Pro LED Fixtures (they dont work on the first generation Panorama fixtures due to the weight of them)
Currently available in 24-inches. 18-inch fixture will be available in a few months.
Tank mount assembly is made from ABS plastic and measures 3.5″W x 1.5″D x 2.1″H. The inside of the bracket which attaches to the tank is 1″H x 1″D
Reinforced nylon bolts secure the tank mount assembly to the aquarium
Hinge assembly allows the fixture to be opened a full 90-degrees vertical and will stay in the vertical position until lowered
Hinge can be tightened/adjusted if required
Two nylon bolts allow the fixture to be leveled from front to back
Distance between the top of the glass tank to the bottom of the fixture is 1.75″
Fixture easily slides front to back for center position. Adjustment distance is a minimum of 2″ from the back glass to a maximum of 8″

CLICK HERE for Instruction manual (will open new window to Ecoxotic website)

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