Double Float Switch Kit
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Product Description

The new Digital Aquatics float switch kits make configuration quick and easy!

There are countless ways to use these new float switches with either your RKE or RKL system. Program an Auto Top Off (ATO) system, automate water transfers, setup safety alerts for high AND low water levels, skimmer collection cup full alerts and so much more!

Each kit comes with programming instructions and an installation guide to help you get up and running quickly. Our configurable mounting brackets will work with almost any tank or sump application. The floats are fully submersible and made of a long lasting rugged plastic compound that is reef safe. Our mounts are made of aquarium-grade acrylic and are also reef safe, as is all provided hardware.

Product Specs
Tech Specs
■Max Current: 0.5A
■NO/NC: switchable
■Max voltage: 100VDC
■Temperature range: -10C to 85C
■Float: Two-wire, non-polarized
■Switch Kit: Two-wire, non-polarized
■Mounting: Threaded shaft w/nut
Physical Details
■Float: 16mm x 19mm
■Body: 47mm tall
■Wire: 0.3m (1') long
■Switch Kit: 1m (3') long
Package Contents
2 x Float Switch
2 x Switch adapter kit
2 x Mounting kit
■ReefKeeper Elite - Supported
■ReefKeeper Lite - Supported
■ReefKeeper 1 - Not Supported
■ReefKeeper 2 - Not Supported

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