DI-SB-CI-10 Color Change DI Cartrige
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Color-Indicating SilicaBuster™ Multi-Layer DI Cartridge - Standard 10in Twist-Top Shell, 2.8in dia x 10in L

SpectraPure® SilicaBuster™ Mixed-Bed Multi-Layer Deionization  Cartridges are fabricated with semiconductor grade resins for highest  possible purity water. They are capable of producing 18 meg ohm-cm  resistivity water. They are the first deionization cartridges designed  to reduce silica, nitrates and phosphate levels in the low ppb range.  These newly formulated cartridges far exceed the performance of previous  cartridges, offering enhanced contaminant removal, longer life and  higher purity.

- Color changes to show remaining capacity and cartridge exhaustion

- For ultra high purity water (18 meg ohm-cm resistivity)

- Enhanced silica removal

- Highest silica, nitrate, phosphate, and heavy metal removal of any 10 inch DI cartridge available

- Optimized for post RO or post distillation filtration

- Higher capacity than other similar size cartridges

- Twist-top refillable shell

- Aluminized mylar packaging eliminates DI cartridge degradation

Note: Deionization cartridge life is greatly reduced when operated on  low pH waters, or water with high CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels. Exact  cartridge life will vary greatly with pH, carbon dioxide levels, and TDS  etc. in your RO water or the feed water supplying the RO system.  Aeration or de-gasification of RO product water is recommended for such  waters for removal of carbon dioxide.

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