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NOTE this product has been sitting on the shelf too long. It doesn't expire, but the solid part of the aragonite has settled into the bottom of the bottle, which is actually normal, since it's just water and ground sand mixed together, but since it's been sitting so long, it's become pretty solid, like clay. You can work it back into a liquid, but takes some work and to get the very bottom part you'll probably have to cut the bottle to get it out, so we are selling them at a huge loss, so if you don't mind the work, great way to save some money and product is still fine to use.

Make offer is for more then 1 qty, the price includes UPS Ground shipping for 10.99. If you want more then one make us an offer.

The perfect alkalinity booster become... AragaMilk has a full pound of buffer in every 16 fluid ounce bottle. This buffer Comes in two forms: bicarbonate for immediate response, plus carbonate from aragonite. This second form makes for a safe, time-release buffer, over 2-3 days, for longer term security without the wild pH swings that can stress your tank inhabitants. This dual buffering makes AragaMilk an excellent way to buffer your African cichlid or livebearer aquariums too. You'll notice it will stop downward pH swings so common in large fish only marine and cichlids ups helping you create an environment for happy, healthy, and more colorful fish!
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