Brightwell Aquatics PhosphatR - Regenerable Phosphate-Adsorp
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Next-generation regenerable phosphate adsorption resin effective in marine aquaria; will also
remove silicates.
Far more effective than activated alumina and granular ferric products.
Will not negatively impact water quality nor release phosphate or silicate once exhausted; will not
break up or disintegrate like ferric medias, and contains no aluminum to dissolve in aquaria and
harm inhabitants.
Synthetic polymer resin beads provide for durability and excellent flow characteristics; may be
employed in fluiduzed-bed, canister, or passive filtration.
Regenerable up to five times, dramatically increasing cost effectiveness.

Instructions and Guidelines:
Basic: Prior to first use, rinse resin under a stream of purified water. For initial application on aquarium, use 1 ml of PHOSPHĀTR per 1 US-gallon of water in system and monitor phosphate concentration during usage. Subsequent application of resin may be at the rate of 2 ml per 1 US-gallon. See opposite panel for Advanced Instructions and notes on regeneration.
Advanced: Prior to first use, rinse resin under a stream of purified water. To a point, effectiveness of resin is directly related to the reaction time it has with aquarium water; the longer the reaction time, the more effectively it will remove phosphate and silicate. Once phosphate concentration ("[PO43-]") has not changed for a period of 4 - 6 hours, remove and regenerate resin, then reapply if necessary. In all cases, the use of a mechanical pre-filter to remove particulate organic material from water prior to its interaction with this media will prolong effectiveness. Fluidized-bed filtration (recommended): follow instructions of filter manufacturer for optimal volume of media to use in reaction chamber; start at a low flow rate and adjust to keep media in a steady "boil" within lower 2/3 of chamber; flow rate should not be such that resin is ejected into aquarium. Canister filtration: Load resin into filter cartridge as directed by filter manufacturer; leave resin in place until [PO43-] reaches desired level or remains unchanged, as directed above. Slowing the flow of water through the filter may be required to obtain maximum effectiveness of resin. Passive filtration: Place resin loosely in a 150-m mesh filter bag and locate in an area of low- to medium-flow. Turning bag over once during usage will serve to shift the resin beads and increases effectivness of this method.
Regenerate PHOSPHĀTR with Brightwell Aquatics REGENERĀTPHOR.

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

Note: Resin sold moist. Keep closed to prevent drying. Weight varies due to moisture content, therefore product is sold by volume rather than weight.

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