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Blue Life USA Announces Breakthrough New Product, Safety Stop: Instant Fish Quarantine
Safety Stop is the first product on the market to offer hobbyist a safe, quick and effective quarantine bath. The breakthrough product will help prevent, and cure common ailments prior to introducing new fish into salt and fresh water aquariums.

Quote: “Safety Stop provides aquarists with a safe and effective quarantine solution at a reasonable price. All levels of hobbyists will benefit from this new and innovative product.”

September 28, 2012, Los Angeles, CA—Blue Life USA announces Safety Stop: Instant Fish Quarantine at MACNA 2012. Safety Stop is a new quarantine bath formula, providing hobbyists with a practical solution that will help prevent common fish ailments and limit the spread of disease when introducing new fish to either fresh or saltwater aquariums.

The high mortality rate of fish has long been a problem for aquarists, and until now there have been limited practical solutions. Customers rarely have the time or resources to set up a quarantine tank when they buy a new fish. Although there is no substitute for extended quarantine in a separate “hospital” tank, Safety Stop offers a practical two-step fish dip that is easy to use and only takes one hour.

The two-part formula will help prevent the outbreak and spread of disease, caused by external parasites, bacterial infections and fungal infections. The dip is targeted for fish, and is not to be used on any invertebrate species. Safety Stop will target such ailments as Ich, Cryptocaryon, Velvet, skin, gill and eye flukes, Chilodinella, Brooklynella, Uronema and Turbellarians, to name a few.

The formula is broken up into Part A and Part B. The two parts should each be diluted in 1 gallon of water. While fish only need to be treated for 30 – 45 minutes in each part, the solution can be reused for several hours on numerous fish. The product should be used every time a new fish is introduced into an aquarium, or for multiple tank owners should be used every time a fish is transferred from one aquarium to another.

Safety Stop provides hobbyists a convenient solution that will both help protect their existing aquarium from diseases, and protect the new fish from diseases it might have come in contact with along the way. The two-part formula will increase oxygen levels and help the immune system during the most critical and stressful time for a new fish.

Blue Life USA CEO Ariel Freudenthal commented on the new product stating, “We are excited about the release, we are coming out with innovative solutions for the everyday hobbyist… products like Safety Stop and CLEAR Fx PRO, our all in one filtration media, take away the headache, make life easier for aquarists and helps new consumers enter the industry with confidence.”


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