AquaFX 'Extra-Large' Blue Tang Media Reactor XL
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'Extra Large' Blue Tang High Capacity Media Reactor XL from AquaFX
  • Extra Large Construction for larger tanks
  • High Grade Acrylic Construction
  • CNC Machined
  • 2 Introductory Sizes offered
  • Serviceable Without Tools
  • Recommended Tank Size: 380 Gallons Reef / 760 Gallons Freshwater
  • Reaction Chamber: 21" x 4" - (Extra Large)
  • Total Capacity: 230 Cubic Inches / 1.0 US Gallons / 3.8 Liter
  • Inlet / Outlet: 1/2" 90 Degree Barbed Fittings - Fits 1/2" ID Tubing (Included)
  • Height: 23" Top to Bottom / 21" Reaction Chamber
  • Width: 6" Diameter
AquaFX is proud to release a new addition to the lineup with our very own fluidized media reactor. These high capacity reactors are made of an industrial grade acrylic with CNC machined parts and pieces. Precision machining means tolerances are kept very tight and true – which allows the acrylic bond to be very extra durable and strong. The hardware AquaFX uses on the lid requires NO tools and the multi-screw design is much like a submarine hatch, making for a very tight seal. No annoying threaded canister or twist tops to deal with. The AquaFX reactor is rated for any fluidized media that you may need (GFO, Carbon ect). Since these fluidized reactors are larger you can pack more media inside, meaning that you will have to change the media less often saving you time and frustration. This reactor includes all tubing, clamps, fittings and laser cut sponges. Pump not included
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