AlgaGen Coral Smoothie 8oz Simply Clam
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Coral Smoothie Simply Clam Is a shelf stable clam feed ideal for reef animals and the hobbyist.
Coral Smoothie Simply Clam is great for numerous corals such as fungia, acans, favites, tubastrea, etc and is great for soft corals as well.
Coral Smoothie Simply Clam stimulates a feeding response from numerous fish including Anthias.
Coral Smoothie Simply Clam is composed of proteins and important fatty acids that are critical for your reef animals’ health.
Coral Smoothie Simply Clam is packed full of pureed clam, targeting a small particle size for accessibility and to prevent uneaten material from decaying and impacting nutrient levels
Coral Smoothie Simply Clam adds to the overall health of your marine tank
Coral Smoothie Simply Clam is easy to use

Coral Smoothie Simply Clam is a great product! We all know how marine animals love clam. And if you have not seen the response in action before you will be amazed. Our Coral Smoothie Simply
Clam is minced fairly fine so that you do not have to do it. There are chunks big enough to satisfy corals and small to medium sized fish. Clams are known to be packed full of critical omega fatty acids and protein; the right combinations to promote health in your reef tank.
Coral Smoothie Simply Clam is pasteurized; there are no harmful preservatives or pathogenic bacteria.

Once open it should be stored in the refrigerator

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