AEH2232390 Eheim Ecco Comfort Canister Filter 2232
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The Eheim Ecco external canister filter is self priming, has a compact design and is easy to use it also comes complete with accessories and media to get you started.The Ecco Comfort filter provides 3 types of filtration: biological, chemical, and mechanical. The filter is also equipped with filter media baskets for easy filling and cleaning. Also included are 2 detachable, swivel shut-off taps for simple and safe hose-to-filter connection. With proper media set-up a long service life can be expected, with 3 to 6 months between cleanings. Good for aquariums up to 35 U.S. gallons. Media included: 1 liter Ehfisubstrat, 1 carbon pad, 1 fine filter pad, 1 coarse blue pad, 2 media trays. The manufacturer recommends this filter for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

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