Acan 800 Series 36" LED Hood
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Note: This item dropships directly from the manufacturer. Does not include connection port, but can be added for a fee. “Connection Ports” are mainly used for connecting our lights to a Neptune controller, or connecting multiple lights together to program them using a single controller. Since all of our lights already have a built in controller which includes almost all the required functions for a reef tank, not too many users really need lights with “Connection Ports”.


• Integrated controller with 5 time stages, each with Intensity Control for the white, blue, and moon light.
• Elegantly designed aluminum fixture with a height of only 1‐1/2 inches
• Energy savings and long life, LED bulb life expectancy of 50,000 hours (or 5+ years)
• All hardware for ceiling hanging and tank mounting is included.
• Color Temperature: White 12000K Blue 460nm
• Available in 12” 18” 24” 36” & 48” sizes
• All fixtures covered by our one year warranty

800 Series Models:
The 800 Series is the new name for our ground-breaking A102AC, and is the ultimate LED aquarium lighting solution available on the market today - more powerful than 250w metal halides, and using only 50 watts of electricity (per foot). The 800 Series is ideal for meeting the needs of the most demanding and advanced hobbyists and is the most efficient and powerful light to grow SPS corals (see our PAR comparison chart). The unique design of the 800 Series' LED strips and "pucks" sets it apart from any other aquarium LED fixture on the market, and will really make your tank a "showstopper"! With LED bulb life expectancy of 50,000 hours (or 5+ years) and its attractive, durable design, the 800 Series is the ultimate LED aquarium lighting solution.

600 Series Models:
A natural progression from our very popular A104AC, the new 600 Series is the perfect blend of power and simplicity. Our new alternating "blue-white" outer LED strips gives the 600 Series a visually pleasing look, and even distribution of the blue and white LEDs. And no worries about intensity - the light output from the 600 Series has been proven to beautifully maintain and grow SPS corals. Like the A104AC, heat dissipation is handled passively through the heat-sink, allowing the 600 Series to operate without cooling fans, ensuring maintenance-free, silent operation.
The 600 Series features the same integrated programmable controller found on our other models, allowing Intensity Control for the white, blue, and moon light and 5 individual time stages, each with programmable intensity control.

• Case: Aluminum housing.
• Voltage: 110V AC
• Adjustable width tank mounts and Pendant mounts are included
• Energy saving & environmentally responsible
• Heat dissipation is handled passively through the heat-sink
• Heat is radiated away from the tank reducing or eliminating the need for chillers
• LED bulb life expectancy up to 50,000 hours (5+ years)
• No UV or IR damage to light sensitive items
• PC / VHO / T5 / MH replacement
• Producing more power than a 250W MH

Model Dimensions # 12000K White LEDs # 460nm Blue LEDs Optics
Watts Cooling
800-12B 12.875x8x1.5" 26 16 50°/75° 50 Active
800-18B 18.625x8x1.5" 39 24 50°/75° 70 Active
800-24B 24.5x8x1.5" 58 33 50°/75° 100 Active
800-36B 36x8x1.5" 90 50 50°/75° 150 Active
800-48B 47.625x8x1.5" 114 68 50°/75° 200 Active
600-12B 12.875x8x1.5" 28 14 75° 50 Passive
600-18B 18.625x8x1.5" 42 21 75° 70 Passive
600-24B 24.5x8x1.5" 56 28 75° 100 Passive
600-36B 36x8x1.5" 84 42 75° 150 Passive
600-48B 47.625x8x1.5" 112 56 75° 200 Passive

PAR Value Comparison Chart*
Depth 800 600 250w MH / 4 T5
6" 1070 941 1703
12" 670 600 580
18" 463 389 187
24" 326 260 112
30" 235 184  
36" 180 136 55
48" 116 81 31
Wattage 120 120 423
Light Angel 50deg 75deg 180deg
*Chart results from Acan Lighting
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