10K 250w DE XM Lamp (double end)
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* XDE 250W 10,000K daylight color temp!
* HQI - Double ended should be fired on an HQI ballast (ANSI:M80).
* A high quality, well made bulb.
* Approx bulb dimensions: 6 3/8" L x 1"W x 1 1/8" H. Length measurement is end to end.
* When mounting a double ended bulb, make sure not to touch the outer glass with your bare hands. All fingerprints should be wiped off with a clean cloth soaked with alcohol.
* Extra care should be taken while installing any 250W HQI lamp. They can be very tricky, requiring equal pressure on both ends as you insert into the sockets. * Warning: Be sure you properly position all 250W HQI bulbs into their sockets. If they are not installed properly, they can cause an arc that will melt the metal contact's. We cannot warrant such a failure, should the bulb be placed incorrectly into the socket. Please be aware.

* Do not mount "double ended" HQI type bulbs without a UV filtering glass shield!! This bulb will put out UV radiation which can damage your eyes and skin, as well as your animals in the tank. The bulb MUST BE burned behind a protective glass sheet.

Q. One of the ends of my bulbs appears melted, is this under warranty?
A. No. 250W HQI bulbs require proper installation into the sockets. If they are not pushed all the way in, it is possible that the high voltage running the lamp will "melt" one or both ends if they are not seated correctly. Be sure to push your bulb all the way into the socket. If you are not sure how to do it properly, please seek help from someone who knows.

Q. The end of my bulb chipped while I installed it. What can I do?
A. Unfortunately, the manufacturer will not accept any kinds of returns for bulbs broken or chipped by the user. With the exception of bulbs broken in transit, we cannot accept any claims on chipped or broken bulbs. We inspect / test all bulbs before they leave our warehouse to insure they are in new condition, and working. Be extra careful while installing these bulbs.

Q. What kind of glass should I use to shield this bulb?
A. Most regular glass will filter out UV rays. Of course, we are not glass experts, so we recommend that you go to your local Hardware Store, Glass Shop or Frame Store to find out which glass will filter the most UV. You can use tempered glass, since HQI type bulbs burn at a very hot temp, but are not required to.

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