Reef Advantage Calcium 1KG

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Reef Advantage Calcium  1KG

Reef Advantage Calcium 1KG
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Reef Advantage™is equivalent to dry Reef Complete™.It is a buffered (pH 8.3–8.6) optimized blend of ionic calcium, magnesium, strontium, sodium, potassium, and other salts designed for reef aquaria supplementation. Unlike, limewater (Kalkwasser), Reef Advantage™does not have a caustic pH and will not deplete magnesium or alkalinity. For each 100 mg/L calcium, Reef Advantage™also delivers 10 mg/L magnesium and 0.5 mg/L strontium, proportionate to natural depletion rates (when used with Reef Builder™).To promote ionic balance characteristic of seawater, half a level teaspoon of Reef Builder™may be used for each level teaspoon of Reef Advantage™. Reef Calcium™and Reef Plus™may be used for enhanced response. Use Reef Iodide™and Reef Strontium™in heavily stocked tanks.

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