Oceanic Salt - 200 gal mix Bucket

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Oceanic Salt - 200 gal mix Bucket

Oceanic Salt - 200 gal mix Bucket
Code: SALT-OC-200
Price: $52.99

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  • New Break-Thru Formula
  • Creates a Vibrant, Crystal-Clear Saltwater Environment
  • Contains Calcium and Natural Trace Elements
  • Resealable to Inhibit Moisture and Prevent Clumping

    It's what you won't see that makes Oceanic Sea Salt mix clearly different.

    Once you add water, it becomes clear how different Oceanic New, Natural Sea Salt Mix really is.

    Oceanic Natural Sea Salt Mix is the solid foundation to help you build your aquatic environment and has been developed with all of the beneficial elements found in natural seawater. Great care has been taken in the selection of the ALL NATURAL ingredients found in Oceanic Sea Salt Mix ensuring the absence of nitrates, phosphates and ammonia. Oceanic's special Patent Pending manufacture process generates a MICRO-CRYSTAL that, when mixed with water, dissolves almost instantly. The combination of natural elements, high-grade materials and MICRO-CRYSTALS guarantees a solid foundation for your successful marine aquarium.

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