Nuvo Aquarium - Pico 8-White Aquarium Kit

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Nuvo Aquarium - Pico 8-White Aquarium Kit
Code: INN-0201
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Be ready to impress your friends & family with the luxurious cube that sets the new standard in styling for the most popular shape to date for nano aquariums. Designed for BIG visual impact for larger kitchen counters, executive desks, and night stands. These elegant aquariums come complete with all the necessary filtration, lighting, and water flow required for a healthy ecosystem. Showcase your new living art on our custom acrylic pedestal to create a focal point wherever it's

•8 Gallon Capacity
•6 mm Bent Glass
•Tempered Glass Lid & Clips
•Acrylic Pedestal
•8 Watt SkkyeLight LED Illumination
•Discreet Power Cord Channel
•Low Voltage Transformer
•Independent Power Cords
•Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Overflow
•Media Basket
•Mechanical Sponge
•Activated Carbon Sponge
•Phosphate Sponge
•Flare Nozzle
•Designated Heater Column

Dimensions w/ Pedestal & Clamp 8
Length: 11.81”
Width: 12.20”
Height: 17.28”

Pump watts/Flow Power
8W / 13-92gph 110v/60Hz

Clamp 4 & 8W Lighting:
Model 0201 0202
  Daylight Moonlight Daylight Moonlight
LED Watts 6 x 1Watt 4 x 1/2Watt 6 x 1Watt 4 x 1/2Watt
Color 10K 456nm 14K 456nm
Current 350mA 60mA 350mA 60mA


Color temperature, measured on the Kelvin scale simply indicates the color of light. We offer the SKKYE LIGHT
LEDs in a brilliant white 10,000K & 14,000K for aquariums.
10,000K - Ideal for tropical freshwater fish, planted aquariums, and marine fish only environments.
Produces the perfect balance of blue, white and red light of the spectrum to stimulate natural daylight.
14,000K - Ideal for Marine corals and Marine fish only systems.
Produces a beautiful crisp blue/white light spectrum.

PAR - Measuring Power:
PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is the common measurement used to help determine the photosynthetic
amount of light needed by corals and plant life for growth and vitality. PAR measures the electromagnetic radiation
between 400-700nm, which is necessary for photosynthesis for live animals. SKKYE LIGHT LEDs are engineered
to handle the PAR needs from novice to expert levels of coral needs.

Optics - Directing Light:
We’ve designed our LEDs with both primary and secondary reflectors to cast the most light for wider coverage while
maintaining stronger PAR values in the center. SKKYE LIGHT LEDs contain both 30 degree optics in the center and
120 degree optics around the perimeter.

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