Hikari METRO+ 3.4oz

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Hikari METRO+ 3.4oz

Hikari METRO+ 3.4oz
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The World's First Aquatic Treatment For Lateral Line & Hole-In-The-Head Disease That Targets The Infected Areas & Includes A Skin-Slime Replacer To Speed Recovery!

Metro+ is a powdered formula that was developed to offer the hobbyist an effective way to treat lateral line and hole-in-the-head diseases suffered by their pond, freshwater or marine fishes. This revolutionary, extremely safe and super effective product offers you benefits no other similar medication can!

Key Benefits
-Powerful Proven Ingredient (metronidazole)
-Works Systemically
-Highly Effective
-Targets The Infected Areas
-Can Be Used As A Bath Or With Food
-Slime-Coat Replacer Helps Speed External Recovery
-Extremely Safe

Aquarium Solution Sizes:
3.5 Oz (73510 - treats 100 gallons)

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