Panorama PRO LED Module 24V- 19 watt 8000K White

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Panorama PRO LED Module 24V- 19 watt 8000K White
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Panorama Pro LED Module
We have learned a lot from our first generation of Panorama LED lights and the next generation of Panorama Pro LED modules is proof. With a new sleeker profile, connectable design and a powerful increase in light output, you can instantly add incredible shimmer and intensify colors and growth your aquarium has never experienced before.

The entire module is thinner, sleeker, polished and refined. With up to a 40% increase in light output and available in 5 color spectrums, the new Panorama Pro delivers an amazing amount of brightness without sacrificing energy efficiency. Whether you're looking to retrofit your nano-aquarium, pump up the actinic for your corals, or add stunning shimmer effects, the Panorama Pro completely changes what you can do with LED lighting. You can even add more punch by snapping on a polished reflector, effectively doubling the amount of light focused into your tank. And because the Panorama Pro is completely waterproof, you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping it in the water.

No one knows modularity better than Ecoxotic. The new connectable design allows you to connect up to three Panorama Pro Modules to one transformer using our 3-way splitter. You can even hybridize our Panorama Pro Modules with our Stunner LED strips, providing plug-and-play flexibility no other LED system offers.

Each Panorama Pro LED Module includes mounting hardware and a connection cable (transformer sold separately.) Up to three 19w Panorama Pro LED Modules can be connected to a single 60w transformer using a 3-way splitter (sold below.)

LED's last up to 50,000 hours
Modular Design - retrofit your nano, install in canopies or upgrade your existing fixture
Low heat transfer, energy efficient Connectable Design - run up to 3 modules on one transformer
Completely water-proof
Does not promote nuisance algae
Quiet - no cooling fan

Dimensions 12.5"L x 1.75"W x 0.3"H
Weight 0.4 lb.
8222 - 12 x 12,000K White
8223 - 8 x 12,000K White / 4 x 445nm Royal Blue
8224 - 12 x 445nm Royal Blue
8225 - 12 x 8,000K White
8226 - 8 x 445nm Royal Blue / 4 x Magenta
Watts consumed: 19w
Input Voltage: 24V
Cord Length: 21

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