24" 12 watt Stunner LED Magenta/453nm Blue

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24" 12 watt Stunner LED Magenta/453nm Blue
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Note: 12" model pictured

Itís never been faster or easier to add light, accent and shimmer to your tank Ė without all that other stuff like heat and noisy fans.

Put beautiful, shimmering light right where you want it with a simple, super-efficient, linkable LED fixture designed to easily retrofit into your existing set up.

Now available in nine brilliant colors, Stunner LED strips provide the ultimate lighting solution from nano-aquariums to public aquarium exhibits. Pick your favorite, or mix and match colors with a linkable design that allows you to run up to ten Stunner Strips off of one 24V power supply (sold separately).

Double your light output by snapping on a polished reflector - or use our extension cable and 4-way splitter to keep things tidy. See all the info on our Stunner LED accessories here.
Power supply units are sold separately to provide maximum flexibility and value. Each Power Supply will run up to ten, linkable 6 watt Stunner Strips. Once youíve selected your quantity and color below, please remember to add at least one Power Supply to your cart.

LEDís last up to 50,000 hours
Instantly adds shimmering look
Mix and match colors with linkable strips
Water resistant
24V - Low power consumption
Sleek, flat panel design that easily retrofits
Includes hardware mounting kit

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