Ecoxotic PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamp 18watt Red/White/Blue

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Ecoxotic PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamp 18watt Red/White/Blue
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The Perfect Blend
PAR38 TriColor
A brilliant way to enhance the deeper red, purple and blue colors in your tank while producing stunning ripple effects you've never seen before. Combining three cool colors into a single LED spotlight, these powerful PAR38 lamps are an extremely energy efficient alternative to hot HID lamps, consuming only 18 watts of power (that's less than $10 per year in electricity!)

Simple to install, each PAR38 lamp features 12 high power LEDs with focusing lenses, allowing light to penetrate deeper in depth and delivering light in an extremely energy efficient way.

PAR38 LED lamps are designed to fit into standard E26/E27 screw in sockets. Each lamp includes Edison high power LEDs, lenses and integrated LED ballast.

Long lasting LEDs
Sharp, focused beam angle
No heat transfer
Fits standard E26/E27 Sockets
Fits a wide variety of fixtures
Quiet no cooling fan

Dimensions 5.25L x 4.75 Dia
Watts: 18
Power: 100-220VAC, 50/60Hz
Lens Angle: 60 degrees
LED Chip: Edison
4, 6500K White
2, 660nm Red
6, 453nm Blue

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