derKroon FlowWolf 1/6 v2.0.1

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derKroon FlowWolf 1/6 v2.0.1
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NOTE: Model 4 diverter pictured.

A revolutionary device that diverts the water flow from your return pump or closed-loop to 2, 4 or 6 outputs in diverse operation modes and patterns.

Our exclusive digital controller allows the user to select from 7 stock operating modes:

Continuous mode
(CW/CCW Sequential output)
Back & Forth mode
(Alternating CW/CCW Sequential output)
True Random mode
(Absolute random mode in speed, direction, angle and delay)
Next & Stop mode
(Switches to next output and stops for a user-definable delay)
Opposites mode
(Switches between opposite pairs)
Cycle mode
(Cycles between modes for a user-defined period of time)
Manual mode
(Manual motor rotation)

and modify/control parameters such as speed, angle, pulse width, etc..

The high-contrast 16x2 LCD display will tell you in every moment what's going on.

Software and Firmware updates will be available for download from our Support site, including new functions, implementations, operating modes and/or bug-fixes.

Based on well-documented open source architecture, tech-oriented users can even write their own programs or add-ons for extended functionality or customize the way their FlowwolF behaves in a particular situation or environment.

Wireless upgrade kit will be available later this year. This means that users will be able to program/control the device from their computer, tablet or smartphone.


Setup used in video:

Device: FW 1/4 (1 Inlet / 4 Outlets)
Pump: DCE5000 (4th power setting)
Mode: True Random
Parameter: Randomness Multiplier= 75%

As you can see, it can generate absolutely chaotic flow patterns. The pump was simply lying in the bottom of the test tank and we did no pipework at all, that's why the device tilts on fast direction changes.

NOTE: This device is NOT submersible. This device SHOULD NOT be partially or completely submerged.

Technical Information

Dimensions (without fittings): 90 mm x 150 mm (h)
Inlet: 32 mm
Outlets: 3/4"
Min Flow: No minimum flow requirement
Max Flow 1/4 & 1/6 models: 14.000 l/h
Number of Outlets: 4 (1/4 version) / 6 (1/6 version) Controller cable length: 200 cm
Weight: 1,5 Kg

NOTE: We use standard NPT female threads in all our devices. Exchange between fittings supplied (derKroon manufactured-metric) and standard NPT male fittings is absolutely possible.
Dimensions: 125x82x67 mm (W x D x H)
Power consumption: 25W Max
Power Supply: 110/240V 50/60Hz 12 V (included)

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