Water Blaster HY-2000 Pump

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Water Blaster HY-2000 Pump

Water Blaster HY-2000 Pump
Code: CV-HY-2000W
Price: $149.99

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Our new Water Blaster pumps are based off the same design as our popular Bubble Blaster skimmer pumps but intended for water circulation. These pumps feature a digital control circuit board inside that controls directional start up and RPM speeds. This smart circuit board will shut the pump off if it detects a problem. Something never seen before on internal or external pumps is the Silicone Nitride shafts and bearings that we use. The benefit of this material is that it will not allow calcium to adhere to it like ceramic. This means less maintenance and cleaning and more time for you to enjoy your aquarium instead of working on it! With the performance of these pumps and a 3-year warranty how can you go wrong. We offer several different models for water flow and head pressures. Check out our complete line for a circulation pump that fits your needs. You can also download the Blaster pump poster below.

Specs & Performance Charts:
Model Inlet/Outlet Dimensions Watts Efficiency Max Flow Max Head Chart
WB2000 3/4" / 1/2" 7x3.5x7" 22 92% 500gph 5.5ft
WB3000 1" / 3/4" 8x4.24x7" 37 96% 750gph 7.5ft
WB5000 1.25" / 1" 9x4.5x7.75" 60 97% 1300gph 11ft
WB7000 1.25" / 1" 9x4.5x7.75 88 97% 1800gph 12ft
WB10000 1.25" / 1" 9.5x5.25x8.5" 130 97% 2600gph 15.5ft
WB12500 1.25" / 1.25" 9.3x5.1x9.1" 175 95% 3250 18.5ft
WB16000 1.25" / 1.25" 9.3x5.1x9.1" 250 93% 4100 16.4ft

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